CO2 Sequestration

Carbon Capture


South Louisiana

Nameplate Capacity

The client will partner with an industrial emitter to progress a CO2 sequestration project to capture 12 MTPA (Million Tonnes per Annum) of CO2 in South Louisiana. The multi-emitter sequestration development project consists of three emitter areas each designed for 4MTA of CO2. The CO2 will be transported via pipeline to a central boosting station.  

The pipelines and facilities associated with the project covered under this design basis are as follows: Speculated lengths of Emitter CO2 Pipelines are approximately 17.5 miles, 16 miles, and 12miles and are expected to cross through highways, bayou and wooded wetland, and agricultural fields.  Three independent short length pipelines will be required from the tailgate of the booster station to each of the three well pad sites.  

Keystone will provide high-level pre-FEED engineering for the compression facility design, pipeline sizing and engineering design, and pipeline route matting to meet the off take requirements from the emitters to the identified injection sites for sequestration.