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Since 1988, Keystone Engineering Inc. has delivered innovative and practical engineering solutions to a comprehensive list of clients across industries. Our multi-discipline team is committed to the highest level of quality and safety in providing cost-effective and schedule conscious designs.

Keystone has provided innovative engineering solutions to meet the growing demand for clean, renewable energy. In addition to earning a global reputation in offshore wind energy, Keystone's resume for Renewable projects includes solar energy, LFG systems, biofuels production, carbon capture, and waste-to-energy.

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Hands On Management & Ownership
Employee Experience


Our varied and extensive experience indicates that successful come down to personnel. We incorporate their individual skills in a process that is geared toward excellence. The intentional pairing of people and process is the reason why clients know that they can trust their projects in the hands of Keystone.

Adam Rogge, P.E.

Chief Executive Officer

Sara Ghazizadeh, p.e.

Director of Renewable Energies

Mitch Stamper

Director of Business Development



Core Values

Build Teamwork
Engineering requires a professional team dedicated to achieving our goal of working on the next project.
Ensure Safety
Confirm safety in the workplace and design safety into our projects.
Be Accountable
Resourceful and dependable employees that are accountable to the company and the client.
Commit to Quality
Perform every task with an attention to detail to produce quality work products.
Actively Communicate
Engage in active communication to create a transparent work environment.
Inspire Technical Excellence
Learn, share, and teach engineering principles and technical processes to accomplish difficult tasks.

Brand Values

Start & Finish with Safety
We challenge each other to uphold the highest level of safety—not for the sake of a checkbox, but to look out for everyone involved on the job.
Build a Relationship
Do more than propose a contract. Propose a partnership. Making our approach to business trustworthy and personal is a great way of making sure it lasts.
Trust Your Team
Our culture is about trust, both internally and externally. We rely on each other to get the job done for clients and to do it with the team’s safety in mind.
Quality Proven
Excellence is not exclusive to perfection, but it means you did everything possible to solve a problem, to improve a client’s situation, and to deliver completed projects at the highest standard.
Keep Consistent & Be Accountable
We make sure that our quality is maintained while also finding where we need to improve. It’s an important way of keeping ourselves accountable.
Share the Success
Our company ownership structure makes it so that our employees have the opportunity to advance their careers from within. As the company grows, so do our employees.

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